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With a distributed infrastructure around the world we plot only using our huge raid configurations, a total bandwidth of 20+GBit/sec , thanks to our optimizations we are ready to sell plots as low as 1.90€/plot !

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How fast is chia-plotting

Last update: 2021/06/22 10:18

10 hours

average time for new orders of ~5 plots

30 hours

average time for new orders of ~30 plots
30+ plots orders timing are also affected by our scheduler to not slow down small orders too much, also consider that when the system reach ~90% usage it also scales up the workers and everything speedup further ( so 100+ plots order may take same time as 30 plots orders )
Large orders get more parallel plotting instances btw

Usage: 0%

Average plotting server usage during last hour

About us

How Chia-plotting works

Chia plotting as service , don't waste time and money, we provide a scalable and fast solution to let you start farming Chia immediately.
Our prices are the lowest because we don't use ssd but instead hundreds of disks in raid configurations with huge ram caches , we are not burning resources to create your plots and thus we can even be cheaper than plotting yourself !
One single 100gb plot burn no less than 2TB of ssd write endurance

  • We are big ( up to 20 plot/hour ), wait less and farm more!
  • Each plot is tested with 1000 challenges and md5-checksummed
  • 1 month data retention , download as many times as you need, there is a total limit of TB stored which depend on quantity bought and two convenient way to free up space for new plots ( control panel with bulk select & delete or command line curl with token )
  • Ready plots URLs are provided in multiple format to increase your efficency, copy&paste, text list (customizable from the control panel) , api call for command line usage.
  • Automated downloader is on the way, will be available next week, a bash script which download, verify downloaded files then free storage space on server, everything configurable and run untill your specified directory is full and which work even in parallel on multiple machines ( right now is under testing on some selected customers )

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